Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween thumbprint art

What's great about thumbprint art is that it is so quick and easy to do. Also, there's very little mess involved, which isn't really true for all of the other painting crafts that we do! I did so this project in stages- since my daughter has given up naps, time isn't as affluent as it once was. Man I miss those naps.

I started by first cutting out the scalloped circles and the happy Halloween letters, using my cricut. Then, after the kids were done eating supper one night, we painted all of the thumbprints on the tags. Once the tags were dry, Claire and I added on all of the details on the tags. 
Then all I had to do was put it all together. I picked up the frame at a second hand shop and painted it white. The cork board is from the dollar store. I cut it to size, and taped it to the back of the frame. (Claire's not napping anymore- I didn't have time to put it in properly.) Next, I glued on my happy Halloween letters and added a piece of patterned paper to break up the picture a bit. I just stuck the pins on the cork slipped the circles over them. 

Want to see some close ups of the pictures?

The pumpkins. As Claire is getting older she's wanting to help me add all of the finishing touches to the pictures. She drew the stems.

The ghosts. We just added googly eyes once they were dry. 
 The spiders. I did encourage Clarie to draw 8 legs on each spider, perhaps even 4 on each side of the spider- BUT Claire beats to the sound of her own drum apparently.
 The bat. I cut off the wings from one of the bats that I had cut out from my Halloween bouquet. Draw on ears and a smile (my kids are still small, so we make friendly bats and witches!) Add some googly eyes and you're done!

What sort of projects are you making for Halloween? Link them up in the comments so I can see them!

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