Wednesday, January 30, 2013

groundhog day sandwich

It's almost groundhog day, and Claire and I have been busy working on some writing activities related to groundhog day. This was a last minute lunch that I made for the kids today (clearly, as it would have been more groundhoggy if it had been made from whole wheat bread.)

To start, I melted a few tablespoons of chocolate chips in a bowl, on intervals, in the microwave. Once melted, I poured the chocolate in a small ziploc bag, and then I piped a few little hearts, and small ears onto a piece of wax paper. I popped the wax paper in the freezer while I finished making the sandwiches.

I made the sandwiches, and cut them out with a heart pancake mold (my biggest heart shaped cutter.) I cut a small marshmallow in half and placed mini chocolate chips on them to make the eyes. I cut another marshmallow in half to make the teeth. Then, I took my chocolate out of the freezer and carefully pulled the shapes off of the parchment paper. I assembled the sandwiches, and then added a few strawberries to the plate.

Side note: Claire informed me that she does not like strawberries shaped like hearts, she only like strawberries cut in half. She did end up eating them though!

So what do you think, will the groundhog see his shadow? I sure hope not. It's freezing here, and I'm ready for an early spring!

Monday, January 21, 2013

heart stamped valentines

I love handmade valentines. These ones are no exceptions. The best part is that you probably already have everything on hand that you need to make them.

Supplies needed:
small heart cookie cutter
various shades of paint
washi/decorative tape
corner rounder (optional)
I cut the paper in little rectangles measuring 3" x 4 ". I poured the paint on a piece of tin foil. Claire had a great time choosing the colours of paint that she wanted to use, and creating her own patterns. 
 Once the paint was dry, I added a piece of washi tape to each Valentine. I used my corner punch on each Valentine.
 Then I handed them back over to Claire so that she could write her little message on them. (She was practicing writing N's, that's why there are two together in Valentine.)

How easy is that? Obviously, if we were handing these out to class mates (which we're not, since Claire's not in school yet) I would write the Happy Valentine's Day bit. Actually, I'd probably find a stamp, and stamp that on the back of each card. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Footprint Race Car Valentine!

In an attempt to create a more boyish Valentine, Simon and I created the footprint race car. If we're being technical here, Simon begrudgingly let me paint his foot and sort of let me press it on the paper. Last year we created the footprint dump truck (Simon was slightly more agreeable last year!)

This one was fairly easy to make, once the child's footprint had been done. I used red paint, slathered the paint all over Simon's foot (he was sitting a chair), and then stood him up and pressed his foot on the paper. Make sure not to have too much paint on the foot, or it will just slide around too much when the child steps on the paper.

Once the paint is dry you can add in some of the extra details. Use a black marker to draw the road lines (hopefully yours will be slightly more parallel than mine.) Draw some wheels, the number on the car, and then the finish line sign. I used a green marker to add some grass (I just wanted to add a little colour). I couldn't find a red marker, so I used my red felt tip pen to add the spoiler thing on the back of the car. I drew (sort of!) a person inside the car with felt tip pens as well. Then just write you Valentine message on the top of the paper.

My plan is to scan this project, and print out some copies that we can send to Simon's Grandparents.

Am I the only one working on Valentine projects already? Let me know what you've been working on, I'd love to check it out. Leave the link in the comments.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

thumbprint Valentine bookmarks: part 2

Longtime blog readers may remember the thumbprint bookmarks that Claire and I made last year for Valentine's Day. Turns out, they were one of my most popular posts ever. So, I decided to make a few new ones for this year. If you're new to my blog, I'd love for you to follow me on my facebook page.

For these ones, I choose a fruit theme. (I have another set that I'll be posting shortly.) These are so easy to make, and aside from the drying time for the paint, they hardly take any time at all.

To Make:
Coloured cardstock.
decorative tape
corner punch (optional)
coloured pens/markers

To start, I cut my 12x12 paper in half, and then cut the bookmarks to measure 2"x6".
Decide what fruit you'd like to create, and have your child stamp their thumb on the bookmark.
Once dry, embellish the fruit with stems & leaves. I used some coloured pens to write the puns on the bookmarks.

I finished off the bookmarks by adding some washi tape to the top of the bookmark, and rounding the corners. Lastly, I punched a hole on top of the bookmarks, and folded a bit of ribbon through the hole.

You can have your child write the names of the lucky recipients of these bookmarks on the back of them.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentine's Day crafts

Some people like to wait a while before jumping into the next holiday, but I sort of like to jump in, feet first. I also know that it can take a while to plan crafts with kids, so now you'll have lots of time to make these Valentine crafts. The kids and I have already starting working on some new Valentines to hand out this year. Check back on Monday to see that post!

1. Footprint Dump truck
2. Puppy (made of hearts) Valentine
3. Bee Mine tag
4. Toilet paper roll Valentines
5. Thumbprint Bookmark Valentines
6. Gumdrop wreath
7. Mosaic heart
8. Peanut butter cookies
9. Love sign
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