Tuesday, February 4, 2014

valentine lunches

I love making valentines lunches. Oh wait, I just love packing lunches in general. All of these are packed in my EasyLunch Box containers. They make packing lunch SO easy.

 I cut Claire's sandwich into two hearts using a sandwich cutter that I picked up at the grocery store. I added a few pretzels to the top of the sandwiches. I skewered some blueberries on heart (cocktail) skewers. I added a few grapes to a silicone cup and added some heart shaped strawberries.

 I used a penguin cutter to cut Claire's sandwich into penguins. I added a heart sprinkle to each penguin. Using a heart silicone container I gave Claire some blueberries and grapes.

 Claire was asking me to add some sprinkles to her lunch, so I cut off the crusts of her sandwich and used a small heart cookie cutter to cut a heart out of one piece of bread. I made the sandwich using WOWbutter. After I put the sandwich together I added some chocolate sprinkles through the heart piece. I packed some more blueberries in a silicone cup and added in a few chocolate chip cookies for a snack. I also added in an applesauce.
I cut her sandwich in the shape of a heart, as well as the apples :) I used a bit of washi tape to make a little skewer flag for her cup of blueberries.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

train themed Valentine bookmarks

In years past, I've made a lot of different Valentine bookmarks with them. Last year we did a fruit themed series and the previous year we made some animal themed ones. This year, Simon and I made some train themed ones, after his favorite show, of course!

It can be tricky to find or make Valentines that aren't made of pink and purple hearts and covered with lace  glitter. I tried to incorporate Simon's interests to make these bookmarks. If you watch the Thomas show at all, I hope that you can recognize all of these trains! The ones in the above picture are Charlie, Thomas, James and Percy. The trains below are Gordon, Duncan and Henry.

These are so simple to make. Start by cutting a piece of white paper into 6x2" pieces. Decide what trains you'd like to make and have your child stamp their finger in the paint and then onto the paper. Once all of the colored dots have dried, have your child stamp their pointer finger into some grey paint and then onto the center of the colored dot. Once that paint is dry use a thin black marker to decorate the train's face. Don't forget to add the funnel, buffer (use a red marker) and some wheels. I added a bit of washi tape to the bookmarks because I love it. And have to start using my hoard collection of tape. If you have any questions about the bookmarks leave it in the comments and I will get back to you!

Happy crafting :)

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