Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cupcake toppers and more!

 Not sure what to do with the chicks and bunnies that I made earlier in the week? Don't want them just hanging out in a bucket or jar? No problem. I've come up with a few other ways that you could use them. Use them as cupcake toppers. It's a fast and easy way to decorate those cupcakes for Easter.

 The next few ideas would be especially great if you're having an Easter brunch or get together. I used the bunny to make a bag topper for this bag of treats. The best part is that it seriously took less than three minutes to make. I just cut a scrap of purple paper and folded it in half. I cut a piece of ribbon and glued it on the the paper. Then I used 2 pop up dots to secure the bunny to the paper. Now, had I been able to find my stapler I would have stapled it onto the bag, but instead I just used tape.

Claire really liked this idea and it was probably the easiest one yet. I just punched a hole on the top and bottom of the chick and threaded the straw through the holes. Chocolate milk anyone?

How about using the chicks and bunnies to make some place cards for brunch. Who wouldn't like these? I used pop up dots to secure the bunny and chick onto these cards too. I also used some old rub ons that I had hanging around my stash to write the names.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

chicks and bunnies

Some of my favorite crafts to make are ones that I don't have to make a trip to the craft store for. Granted I had picked up these pails a while ago at Michaels (for just $0.75) and I knew that I could use them for something!

 I kind of cheated, and I used my cricut to cut out the bunnies. I think that they look pretty cute though.

 But the chicks- the chicks were inspired by Bakerella's Spring Chicken cake pops. I just love how they turned out. And they were so simple to make. I cut out a circle (about 1 1/2 inches). I added googly eyes, and cut a small triangle from a scrap piece of cardstock for the nose. I had these flower sequins that I bought ages ago that I used for the feet, although any sequins would look cute. The comb on the head was actually a vellum flower that I also had in my stash. Obviously you could just cut this out of cardstock.

There you have it. The perfect little decorations for Easter. I put sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of the pail so that the skewers would stand up. Yes, I know floral foam would have worked just as well- but I was all about not having to go to the store for this craft!

Stay tuned for more Easter craft ideas with the chicks and the bunnies later this week.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring paper globes

 I made these paper globes as a spring decoration to put in this tall glass vase that I have (see below). If you've never made these before, they're so simple to make. Just cut lots of strips of coloured paper. Mine were about .5 cm wide. I cut some at 6" lengths and some at 4" lengths. (5" probably would have been the perfect size!)

 Then using my eyelet punch (you could also use a micro hole punch, or cut a slit with a utility knife) I cut a small hole on each end of the paper. When that's done stack all the strips together and poke a brad through each end. Flatten the backs of the brad and fan the paper out into a ball shape.

This is the vase that I made the globes for- but it's really hard to photograph glass. (Please send me along any helpful hints!) Anyway, it was nap time and I wanted to get these photos done, so I put the globes in a little white dish for my photos.
 I love my new spring decoration (that may or may not remain out until the fall!)

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The Best Banana Muffins EVER.

I love love love banana muffins. I have spent years looking for the perfect recipe for them. Every time I would pick up a magazine I would rip out the recipes for banana muffins, and time and time again I was disappointed with them. Then, one unsuspecting day, I was visiting my Dad and his wife Olga, and I had the most delicious banana muffin. Olga had the perfect recipe. I left that day with the recipe, and I haven't tried another recipe for banana muffins since then. It's so simple to make. Try it- you won't be disappointed.

Banana Muffins

1 cup sugar
1½ cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
½ cup butter, melted
2 eggs
3 bananas, mashed
Combine sugar, flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. 
Stir in butter, eggs and bananas. Mix until combined well.
Spoon into muffin cups and bake at 350° for 25-30 minutes.
Makes 16-18 muffins.

Also, on an unrelated note- have you all discovered the fabulousness of pinterest? It is SOOOO awesome. If you have- you can follow me here. You can request an invite to join the site- it took less than a week for my sister and I to receive ours. Can't wait to see what you start pinning!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bunny Bunting

 I just love the look of buntings. I made one for Claire's room a little while ago and I just love the punch of colour that it adds to the room. I wanted to make a scaled down version for Easter. What does one need to make an Easter Bunny Bunting?

For the bunnies:
pink cardstock
googly eyes
black marker to draw on the face
dark pink paper for the nose
template for the bunny

For the bunting:
coordinating patterned paper
template (makes things easier)

hole punch

The project was so simple to make. To start, I made a bunny template. (If you're interested, I can post the template.) Then I cut out all of my bunnies. I like to get all of the cutting out of the way, so I also cut the bunting triangles too. It's so easy to do while you're watching tv. Then Claire and I glued on the googly eyes. I ended up finishing off the bunny faces while Claire was napping, but obviously older children could draw the faces themselves. Then punch a hole in each ear of the bunny, and each side of the bunting. Thread a ribbon through the holes and voila! you're done!
 Can you tell Claire glued on these eyes?
 Bunny bunting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter Thumbprint Art

I can't help myself with all of this thumbprint art. I love thinking of new ideas that Claire and I can make. This time we even got Simon involved a little bit (although- he totally tried to fight it.) The best part of this craft is that it cost less than $5. Yahoo! I love that I had almost everything on hand that I needed to do this project.

I went to a local second hand shop and picked up this frame (11 x 14) for just $1.99. It's a bit dinged up, and was obviously not the right colour but it was nothing that a little paint couldn't fix. (I used white paint.)

The last time that I was at my local dollar store I had noticed these cork boards there. They are sold two in a pack for $2 (price increases at the dollar store). I was hoping to find a frame that would need just one board, but in the end I like how this worked out better.

I just used a bit of packing tape to tape the cork boards together, and then I cut them to the size of the frame. I taped a piece of ribbon on the front of the cork boards to cover up where the cork boards meet.
I went through my paper stash and picked out the prettiest pastel Easter/spring coloured paper that I could find. Then, I used my cricut to cut out some more scalloped circles (I am just loving the scalloped circles now- are you tired of them yet?) Want to see close ups of each tag?

I love this one. The body and ears are each made using a thumbprint. Once the white paint was dry Claire used a bit of pink paint on her pinky finger to finish off the bunny ears. Then I just added the little details. You could of course just draw on the nose, eyes, and bow tie.
For the butterfly we used a slightly lighter shade for the top wings, and then the darker colour on the bottom. We waited until the purple was dry before Claire used her thumb to paint the black bit.
This one was definitely the easiest one to do. Claire just painted three dots, and then I added the leaf & stem detail afterwards.
But the chicks...the chicks are my favorite. Claire painted the big chick and Simon painted the little chick. I love it.

To finish the frame off I cut out the letters (using the same papers that I used for the tags) to spell out Happy Easter. Happy Spring would work too.

And there you have it- a festive piece of (interchangeable) Easter art for less than $5. I love our little piece of Easter art- but most importantly- Claire loves seeing her projects hung up all around the house.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

transportation art print giveaway

When I saw MADE was highlighting just boy stuff for the next 30 days (Celebrate the Boy) it made me want to make a few special projects just for Simon. So I sat down and tried to think of some ideas for Simon. I'm not really much of a sewer (yet!), but I LOVE to make paper crafts. This is my first project that I have made since hearing about Celebrate the Boy- but I have another one that will hopefully be done soon! This one seemed to take quite a while because I had to abort work on it for a bit to plan and host Claire's Birthday party.

My inspiration? These sleepers. I love the simplicity (and boyish-ness) of the trucks, airplanes, and cars. I knew that even I would be able to draw these trucks. I loved how on the white sleeper the animals were stacked on top of one another. This was my starting point.
Then, I sat down and tried to sketch out some ideas. The truck and boat were fairly simple (lots of straight lines!) The car took me a few tries. The airplane, I had to give up on though. They are tricky to draw. I would have added the airplane if I was making a larger print, but I decided to make an 8 x 10, which didn't really leave enough room for the plane (thank goodness!)
Then, I went through my paper collection, I started pulling patterned papers left right and center. Then when I saw just how many different pieces that I would need, I remembered that I had picked up this little pack of coordinating papers a while ago on a trip to Michaels. I flipped through it and knew that it would be perfect for the project.

The papers that I chose- aren't they nice and pretty boyish?

Then, using my scissors, paper trimmer, and exacto knife I cut out all of the pieces.

Then, I printed the words out on the white paper (which *may have taken me forever to get them just right- I should have just used rub-ons) and glued on all of the pieces. 

The best part of this project was that I made two prints. One for Simon's room, and one for YOU. That's right, you could be the lucky winner of one of these prints- the perfect addition for any boy's room.
Want to win? Just make sure you're a follower of sweet and lovely crafts. Then, leave me a comment. Please include your email address. One winner will be chosen via Giveaway is open until March 17, and the winner will be announced on March 18.

The winner is: #1 Visible Voice. Send me your address and I'll send the print to you.
Thanks everyone for entering, I wish that I could send you all one!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

shamrock bouquet

I saw this idea on Rebecca Cooper's blog for Valentine's Day and I thought that it would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day. I mean, even though we still celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I don't go all out decorating for it.

 This was such a simple project to make. I just cut out some shamrocks using this pattern, out of some green paper. I covered a mason jar with some green paper. Then I just taped the shamrocks onto some skewers and put them in the mason jar. Ta da! (Or Ta! as Claire says) You're done.

What sort of crafts or projects do you make for St. Patrick's Day? Do you go all out for it, or do you skip right over to Easter?

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wee little leprechaun bookmarks

St. Patrick's Day might be a day that goes uncelebrated in some households- but not in mine. My Mom was born and raised in Ireland which means that you better break out the green on March 17! I decided that since I love making these thumb print crafts so much, we would make one just for St. Patrick's Day.

Look at this wee little leprechaun- isn't he cute? 

I love making these crafts on tags, like my snowmen ones here, or the little love bug ones here, but that doesn't really work so much for St. Patrick's Day. SO, we made these larger ones so that we could pass them out to family to use as bookmarks.

To make these you will need:

green, orange, and cream coloured paint
googly eyes
black sharpie
small piece of yellow cardstock
scissors or utility knife to cut the little yellow square
piece of cardstock for the bookmark (we used a very light green)
twine or ribbon for the top of the bookmark

1. using the orange paint stamp a thumprint on the bookmark
2. using the green paint stamp the green thumb print on top of the orange one, set aside to let dry
3. use the pinky to stamp on the face using the cream coloured paint
4. just add on all of the details, googly eyes, smile, and hat detail
5. add a piece of twine or ribbon to the top of the bookmark

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