Wednesday, November 27, 2013

footprint Santa & Rudolph

I love Christmas crafting. Surprise! This is one of my favorite crafts because one footprint is Claire's and one is Simon's. I love that the project incorporated both of them on the same paper.

To make the Santa, I paint the heel of Claire's foot cream colour and the rest of her foot red. Then I painted Simon's foot brown and stamped it next to Claire's footprint. Note: When you're doing this try to make sure you line up the toes of the footprints, otherwise you'll end up making stairs for Santa and the reindeer to walk up :) After I stamp their feet on the paper I have a face cloth right next to me to wipe the paint off of their feet. I always use Crayola paints and it wipes right off. We usually head up for a bath shortly after these projects so that I don't have to worry about getting all of the paint out in between their toes.

Once the paint was dry I started to create the reindeer. I used a brown Crayola marker to draw antlers, ears, arms, and a tail. I used a red marker to draw boots and a smile and a blue one to dry a hat. I added some googly eyes and a sequin for the nose, it is supposed to be Rudolph after all. Then I cut up some patterned paper so that Rudolph could carry some presents. Now while I think that the reindeer looks wonderful, Claire (she's 5) feels like he's not authentic. "Mommy, Rudolph doesn't wear boots or a hat and he DOESN'T carry presents. That's Santa's job." So maybe consult your little ones as to whether Rudolph wears boots and a hat :)

For Santa, I used a black marker to drawn Santa's boots, belt and nose. I used a red marker to draw Santa's hat, smile and arm. I drew his mitten and toy bag with green markers. I glued a sequin on Santa's belt and added some googly eyes. Then I ripped apart a cotton ball to make Santa's beard, the fur on the top of the hat and the ball on the end of the hat.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter lunches

 I love Christmas time. I'm so excited to be making new winter/Christmas themed lunches. I just wish it wasn't so cold here! My hands still haven't warmed up after dropping Claire off at school.

About a year ago I had picked up this penquin sandwich cutter at Walmart. It's nice because if you're using square bread it just cuts the crusts off, which Claire doesn't care to eat anyway. I skewered a few blueberries, added a clementine and some chocolate goldfish to her lunch. I added a snowflake pick that I bought at the dollar store, of all places.

 I used my Wilton tree cookie cutter to cut out Claire's sandwich. I gave her some grapes, blueberries, and a few M&M's. I also added in a banana for her snack.

 I used a Wilton cupcake topper to make this lunch. I just cut the sandwich into a circle and placed the snowman on top of the sandwich. I skewered a few more blueberries and added a chocolate chip muffin. I also sliced some green and red apples for her snack.

Lastly I gave Claire a snowflake sandwich. I skewered a few grapes on picks that I bought at the dollar store. I gave her some blueberries and an applesauce ( I added a few stickers to the top to make it a bit more festive).

These are all packed in my favorite Easy Lunch Box containers. They make lunch packing so easy. The only hard part is making sure that Claire and her friend Madison have the same colour lid :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

reindeer sandwiches 4 ways

 I, much like both of my kids, am so excited for Christmas. I've started packing Christmas lunches already (you know, since we celebrate Thanksgiving in October). Last week was my first week making Christmas lunches, and I decided to start with Reindeer ones :)

 For my first one, I used a gingerbread cookie cutter and turned it upside down to make a reindeer. (Thanks for the idea, Martha!) I melted a few chocolate chips and piped the antlers right onto the sandwich. Then I
made my usual marshmallow cut in half with a chocolate chip for the eyes and a red smartie for the nose. I also packed some gingerbread muffins a clementine, and an applesauce (not pictured, obviously.)

 I used the same techniques on this one, I just used a star cookie cutter. I also included a clementine (my kids can't get enough of these), some red and green grapes and some red jello that I made right in the container.

 This one was so simple, it might be my favorite one! I used a large circle cookie cutter to cut out the sandwich. I used pretzel letter E's for the antlers. I cut up some strawberries and sent Claire with another clementine and an applesauce.

 I love this reindeer pick. It was from a pack of cupcakes that I picked up last Christmas season.

 I used a heart cookie cutter and turned it upside down as well. I packed some red and green goldfish crackers, some grapes and a few marshmallows for a treat (it was Friday after all!)

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