Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Claire's new cards

I have been working so hard to finish making some presents for Claire for Christmas. Again, this is probably something I should have started in July if I actually wanted to get them all done in time. One of Claires favorite things to do is to seek out my wallet and take out ALL of my cards. Generally I don't mind, that it of course until I go to pay for something and I can't find my debit card. So I decided to make Claire some of her own cards for Christmas. Actually I'm going to fill a purse for her- of things that she might find on my purse- maybe then she'll leave mine alone!

 I started by opening a document in paint and resizing it to my desired size. Then I coloured the background, and added the font. For the pictures (the flowers, stars and cow I used a dingbat font. I love dafont for free fonts & dingbats). For the Curious George card I got the pictures from the George website. I also made the backs of the cards too- complete with the black magnetic stripe! I then printed off the cards, glued the cards together, and laminated them.
 I added the images on the back of the cards so that Claire can practice counting while she's in the shopping cart.
 The cards in her new (Auntie's old) wallet.
 Hopefully Claire will love paying for the groceries with her Moostercard- I sure would love a break on my grocery bill!


  1. Oh my gosh, these are so adorable! My son loves playing with my cards too. :)

  2. Sarah ArenburgDecember 15, 2010

    I wish you were my mother...this would have been the perfect gift for me when I was little. Claire will love it! She's one lucky girl! Moostercard...too cute!

  3. This is one of the neatest ideas EVER!! Thanks for sharing. Oh and I have a Lila :)


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