Friday, January 28, 2011

Love t-shirt

I sat down to make another freezer stenciled t-shirt using this technique here. I had actually picked up this shirt to make a Christmas one for my daughter, but December went by a little too quickly for me to get everything done! I was going to use the same design layout that I had in mind for the Christmas shirt- but I guess that must have escaped my mind when I actually sat down to make it. I also forgot to check to see if I had the right colour paint. (Too much on the go I guess!) And, because I wanted the shirt done right away, I just used purple, it's kind of Valentines-y anyway.

As usual, I've got a million things on the go here. I'm busy planning Claire's little birthday party (all about rainbows), and finishing off some of the Valentine's Day crafts that we've been working on. Posting has been a little sporadic because Simon's teething, (2 teeth are in, and the third is almost through) and he's been skipping his naps- thus leaving little time to craft- let alone blog about it!


  1. This is cute - does it come in my size?

  2. Seriously how adorable!

  3. Really cute! Hope your little guy starts sleeping again soon. Teething is rough.


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