Monday, March 12, 2012

handprint giraffes

 This is the last of my giraffe related posts- I promise! We made these handprint decorations to cover the closet door behind the food table. (You can read all about Claire's giraffe themed party here.) They were an easy decoration to make, and an easy way to incorporate giraffes into the decorations.
 First add a bit of orange paint to the yellow paint, I just find that it makes the colour a little bit more bold. Then paint the hand of you child. Stamp on paper and let dry. Once dry I gave Claire a brown marker and asked her to draw the spots all over the giraffes. Then she drew some hair on the tail and on the neck. She drew the horn-like things on the giraffe's head (but apparently we forgot to draw the ears, whoops!) Claire used a red marker to draw the smile, and the glued on some googly eyes. 

That was it! So simple, and Claire loved doing it. And come on, who doesn't love handmade birthday decorations?!


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