Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentine's Day crafts

Some people like to wait a while before jumping into the next holiday, but I sort of like to jump in, feet first. I also know that it can take a while to plan crafts with kids, so now you'll have lots of time to make these Valentine crafts. The kids and I have already starting working on some new Valentines to hand out this year. Check back on Monday to see that post!

1. Footprint Dump truck
2. Puppy (made of hearts) Valentine
3. Bee Mine tag
4. Toilet paper roll Valentines
5. Thumbprint Bookmark Valentines
6. Gumdrop wreath
7. Mosaic heart
8. Peanut butter cookies
9. Love sign


  1. You have some awesome Valentine's crafts for kids! I can't believe it's coming in just over a month. I adore the bookmarks!

  2. Great ideas! I may use a couple of these! Thanks for following me on FB! I am following you back on FB and Pinterest now. Have a great night!


  3. Hello there! Here from Jen's roundup we were both in on TT & J, I love this project!! Would love for you to join me at the Pretty Things Party!!

    xoxo, Tanya


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