Monday, March 28, 2011

chicks and bunnies

Some of my favorite crafts to make are ones that I don't have to make a trip to the craft store for. Granted I had picked up these pails a while ago at Michaels (for just $0.75) and I knew that I could use them for something!

 I kind of cheated, and I used my cricut to cut out the bunnies. I think that they look pretty cute though.

 But the chicks- the chicks were inspired by Bakerella's Spring Chicken cake pops. I just love how they turned out. And they were so simple to make. I cut out a circle (about 1 1/2 inches). I added googly eyes, and cut a small triangle from a scrap piece of cardstock for the nose. I had these flower sequins that I bought ages ago that I used for the feet, although any sequins would look cute. The comb on the head was actually a vellum flower that I also had in my stash. Obviously you could just cut this out of cardstock.

There you have it. The perfect little decorations for Easter. I put sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of the pail so that the skewers would stand up. Yes, I know floral foam would have worked just as well- but I was all about not having to go to the store for this craft!

Stay tuned for more Easter craft ideas with the chicks and the bunnies later this week.

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  1. cute!

  2. I LOVE this!!! So sweet and lovely indeed! And I totally agree with you - the best crafts ARE often the ones you don't have to go out and buy stuff for!!

  3. I can't decide which I like the best - the chicks or the bunnies - so I have resolved to love them both equally! Very cute!

  4. I LOVE them!! Just as I love all your crafts! We are working on the Easter fingerprints right now for our Easter cards! I awarded you The Versatile Blogger award because you are so great!! Check out my blog to claim it!! You totally deserve it!

  5. So cute Lila! I just love them.

  6. Love these!! I think my kids would be able to make the chicks. We'll have to try.

  7. Those are so adorable!!!

    Thanks for sharing this at last week's For the Kids Friday Link Party!



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