Thursday, July 28, 2011

lions, lions everywhere

I thought of this handprint lion face as I was going to bed one night (because that's when everyone thinks of new crafts to make. Right?) It didn't turn out quite how I had envisioned it, but I still think it's cute. Sure it looks more like a friendly kitty with a big mane than a fierce lion, it was still fun to make. I just helped Claire paint her hand orange and we stamped it on the paper. We did all the orange handprints first, and then did the yellow ones. We glued on some googly eyes, and a nose, and then just drew on the mouth and whiskers.

This next lion we actually made way back in March. I was reading one of my most favorite blogs ever, Meet the Dubiens, and I saw her post where they made a handprint sheep and lion. I think that I sat down with the kids and made ours on the same day I read the post. Click on the link above for the instructions on how to make them. (If aren't already a fan on Jill's blog check it out. She is so crafty, and seriously makes some of the cutest lunches for her kids that I've ever seen!)

 After we were done making the handprint lions, I was felt a creative urge to make the lion into a gift tag. I cut out a few scalloped circles on my cricut and Claire and I made some lion tags. Claire just stamped her thumb on the tags, and then when they were dry we added the face details. For the mane I just went through my scrap paper and found shades of yellow and orange to use. I ran them though my Xyron and the Claire stuck them on the face.

My favorite way to use these gift tags up, is to attach them to gifts when Claire has a birthday party to go to. And because we always make a few of the same handprint crafts (you never know which one will turn out the best) I have been known to make a few of the handprint crafts into birthday cards for Claire to decorate for her friends. I mean, how many handprint sheeps/lions do we really need to keep??


  1. Thanks so much Lila! Your lions turned out adorable. I hope you're enjoying your summer!

  2. Oh! This is adorable!

  3. LOve this! So cute! Im following your blog now too.

  4. Love the lion crafts! I blogged about one of them here:


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