Friday, February 1, 2013

valentine jello cubes

Who doesn't love jello? My kids get so excited when they see a bowl of jello in the fridge (it's usually been poked a few times to see if it has set yet.) I've never made jello jigglers before, but they were so easy to make!

While the kids were eating breakfast, I boiled the water. I used two packs of jello (4 serving size) and mixed the jello packs with 1 1/3 cups of water. Once it was all mixed together, I poured it into a glass loaf pan. Jello jiggers don't take as much time to set as regular jello. Somehow this batch of jello evaded any poking!

When it was time to eat the jello, I ran a knife along the edges of the pan to loosen it up a bit. Then I put a bit of hot water in the sink and sat the loaf pan in the water to help loosen the jello from the bottom of the pan. I did end up using a spatula to help the jello come out of the pan smoothly. I just put the block of jello on a cutting board and cut it into squares for the kids.

The result? They loved it. Obviously. I mean, jello that you can eat with your hands, is a clear win.


  1. Will you come make some jello jigglers for me? I can make complex things and even have a few of my own recipes on my blog, but for some reason, jello never goes quite right for me...and I have to read the directions every time...which is crazy--it's jello!
    Glad the kiddos enjoyed it! :)

  2. Oh these are soooo cute! How fun! I hope you stop by to link-

  3. So fun! My son is addicted to He would love these. If you have a minute, I'd be thrilled for you to link them up here:

  4. What a fun way to serve jello, I love it!

  5. Such a cut eidea for jello and festive too! I would love for you to come share this at my Get Social Sunday link party and follow along! :)

  6. How cute! I'd like to make this for my kids as a dessert on Valentine's Day. I really enjoy your posts, and I would love it if you could share this at my link party tomorrow. Hope you can make it!


  7. So cute! We love cutting jigglers out with cookie cutters! Stopping by from TT&J.

  8. Yum! I think I'll have to try and make those for my family for Valentine's Day!

  9. Jello cubes rock. My little one will just love these to pieces. Very inspirational.Now I want jello. lol

    Team BKC-


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