Monday, January 9, 2012

thumbprint Valentine Day bookmarks

 Valentine's Day is just around the corner. We're getting a head start on our projects this year, mostly because Claire loves working on new 'projects'. Switch it up this year and hand out little Valentine Day bookmarks. These were quite easy to make- and you probably have all of the supplies on hand right now. Paper, paint, markers and googly eyes (optional). Go ahead, go check for them. I'll wait right here. 

 Claire loved drawing all the faces and gluing the eyes on the animals. And the back of the bookmark is the perfect spot to write a little message to your special Valentine.

 I cut all of the paper before Claire and I sat down to start this craft. I used 12 x 12 paper. I cut it in half, and then cut two inch strips (so the bookmarks are 6 x2). I did use my corner punch to round the corners of the bookmarks, but obviously this is a very optional step. Using my hole puncher I punched the hole for the ribbon.
 Using brown paint Claire stamped her thumbprint. Once it was dry, we used a brown marker to draw the ears. I used my hole puncher to punch some holes from cream coloured paper for the nose of the bear. Claire glued on the eyes.
 The lion was the easiest of all of the bookmarks. I mixed a little bit (and I mean tiny bit) of orange paint with the yellow paint so that it would look more lion-y (I know that's not a word.) Draw on the mane, and mouth, and glue on the eyes.
 We used red paint for the bird, and then used an orange marker for the comb and legs. A black marker for the smile, and then we glued on googly eyes.
I mixed a bit of the purple paint with white paint so that we'd have a lighter shade of paint for the top wings. Once the paint was dry we used a grey marker to draw the body of the butterfly and the antennas. We added a smile with a red marker, and glued on googly eyes.
 After Claire stamped her thumbprint with the white paint, she dipped her pinky finger in the white paint to stamp the ears. Once it was dry, we used a pink marker to colour in the ears, and draw the nose. We used a black marker for the smile and whiskers. Googly eyes finished it off.
 Stamp the frog using green paint. Once it's dry use a green marker to draw the legs and the round balls behind the eyes. Use a black marker to draw the nose and smile. Glue the googly eyes on top of the frog.

Show me what you're making for Valentine's Day. Link it up in the comments. 


  1. lovely idea
    hugs from Brazil

  2. What a fab idea. I might try this with my little girl. Found you on skip to my lou tina x

  3. These are just gorgeous!!!

    did you glue the paper on to card? or was it just thick paper?

    Natasha xx

  4. That is so great Leila!

    So....when is your children's book coming out again???? :-)

    Laura from around the bend

  5. Thanks for your kind comments.

    @Natasha- I just used cardstock to create the bookmarks.

  6. AWESOME!! I love how you used thumbprints to create these little critters. Bookmark-Valentines are so much better than candy!

  7. These are really great ideas for Valentine's bookmarks! I just featured the bookmarks on Craft Gossip!!

  8. These are wonderful! What a super Valentine's project to do with the children.

    Georgia :)

  9. What a sweet idea! This kids in my nursery at church would love to make these! Thanks for sharing. I would love you to stop by and link up at Friday Frolic! Hope to see you there:)

    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

  10. These are absolutely adorable! I'm pinning your ideas. Would you be willing to link this post to my Valentine Link Party going on now? I'd love to have you! Thanks, Michelle

  11. Love these! What a great idea for my daughter who is in first grade! Thanks for sharing

  12. Found you on Skip to my Lou. Such a fantastic post! I pinned every single bookmark! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  13. Super-sweet idea!
    Thanks for sharing

  14. What a fun idea and a great alternative to traditional Valentine cards. I love that it gets your child involved as well. I featured you on my Saturday Show Off!

  15. These are really fun! I want to try to make them with our preschoolers, but it may be too advanced.

  16. Hi
    Couldn't find a "contact me" email addy so I'll mention here that I blogged about your project tonight at this link

    It is part of my series (1/15-2/14) of Valentine projects.

  17. SUPER cute bookmarks. They are way clever!! I am your newest follower. I'd love for you to follow me back, if you wan to =-) I also wanted to invite you to link up at my kid oriented linky party TGIF - - I know my readers would love this too!
    Beth =-)

  18. Super cute idea! I've been looking for something easy to do with my daughter's class on Valentine's Day - this might just be the winner!

    Hey, I'm hosting a party beginning Tuesday - - would love to see you there!

  19. Amazing Lila! I absolutely them every single one of them. Hope you're doing well!

  20. Hi I would like to find out what kind of paint you used? Also what are the triangles across the top made from?

  21. nice idea..thanks for sharing...

  22. Hi Denise,
    I just use Crayola washable paint.
    For the triangles at the top, I just cut up a bit of patterned paper that I had here. Thanks

  23. Sooooooooooo stinkin' cute!! I LOVE IT!! There was a reindeer one in a book I got, and LOVED doing those.. THANK~YOUUU SO VERY MUCH FOR POSTING THESE!
    Love'em!! ;o)

  24. soooooooooo cute! they r fab . thaks for posting these

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