Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily December- 6-12 (more or less!)

I cannot believe that it's Christmas next week. I feel like I still have so much to do. My daily album is coming along well though- of course I'm a few days behind, but it will all come together eventually.

 Day 6 was a big day, so I used a transparency to separate the events

 Day 8 & 9. Originally I had a card sleeve separating these pages, but when it came to actually working with the pictures that I had printed, the sleeve didn't work. So, I just added the pics that I had and a few simple embellishments.
 Day 10- doesn't get much simpler than this, a little journaling block
 Day 12- some happy tape, a snowflake brad and a little journaling block
Days 7 & 11 aren't quite done yet- hopefully I'll be able to add those ones soon.

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  1. Sarah ArenburgDecember 18, 2010

    LOVE the penguin themed page! (The other ones are pretty great too!)


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