Friday, February 10, 2012

puppy love Valentines

Looking for some last minute Valentine ideas? These puppy cards are a cinch to make. I had done the prep work before we sat down to make them so that Claire wouldn't get annoyed with cutting out hearts. I did give her one to cut out, but she didn't get quite close enough the outline of the heart, so when you flip hers over it just looks like a blob of paper :)

Supplies needed:

dark and light grey paper (of course you could use brown paper too)
cardstock for the Valentine (I used purple)
googly eyes
sequin or jewel for the nose (optional, you could of course just draw on the nose)

heart template

1. I cut up a sheet of 12 x 12 paper into 4 inch squares. Then I used my punch to round the corners.
2. Cut out several light and dark grey hearts. I used a white piece of paper, folded it in half, and drew my heart. Then I cut that one out and used it to trace onto the grey paper. I cut out a few hearts. I cut all of the dark grey hearts in half to make the puppy ears.
3. Glue the light grey heart on the piece of square paper. (Use a glue stick for this part. If you use school glue, your paper may or may not get bubbly. Not that I know this from personal experience or anything.)

4. Glue the ears on either side of the heart. (You can use the school glue here.)

5. Glue on the eyes, and nose.
6. Draw some freckles on the dog (cause all dogs have freckles, right?)
7. Once dry, add your Valentine message.

There you have it- the most adorable little puppy dog Valentines. The best part of these, is that with all of the prep work done ahead of time, each Valentine only takes a minute to make.

Hope that you all have a lovely Valentine's Day.


  1. How adorable!!! I love homemade stuff like this. Great idea!

  2. a puppy made from hearts! How cute is this? So fun!

  3. aw look at that cute puppy! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  4. just so cute!! thanks for the fab idea, just made my 2 daughters a card each with these on!!
    Joanne x

  5. I love it! SUPER CUTE! Wish I saw it yesterday instead of today (Valentine's Day night) :) Oh well, there is always next year! Cute Blog!

  6. That's adorable Lila! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I love the card. So simple yet very beautiful.

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