Friday, January 30, 2015

superman valentines

 Lately my kids have been interested in Super Heroes. My kids can list off a huge list of them (some that I had to verify were real ones like Dr. Octopus, or something like that.) So I thought that it would be cute if we made Superman valentines. Simon helped me make these since Claire was at school and I think that he did a great job. I'm hosting a little play date for Simon and his friends the day before Valentine's day (while Claire's at school celebrating) and I thought these would be perfect for him to give to his friends.

Cardstock (I used white)
Paint (blue and whatever colour you want to make the face, I mixed white and brown)
Markers (red, yellow, blue and black)
Googly eyes (optional)

I cut the paper into rectangles measuring 3x4inches. Simon dipped his thumb into the cream(ish) colour paint and pressed it firmly onto the card. He did all of the cream coloured thumbprints and then did all of the blue ones right next to them. Once the paint was dry I used the markers to finish embellishing the cards. I used the blue to draw the arms and legs and black for the hair. (Yes, I'm aware that there will come a point where my children far surpass my artistic (ha!) abilities.) Then I used the red marker to draw a smile and a the outline of the cape. I used the yellow marker to draw a diamond like shape on the cape which I coloured in yellow. Then I finished colouring in the cape. I added a few stars as well. To finish Superman I glued on some small googly eyes.

Then I tried to think of something clever to write on the valentine. I googled Superman's catch phrases, but Superman didn't give me much to work with :) He does say up, up and away, hence the use of that on the card. Simon signed all of his cards and now they're ready for him to pass out to his friends, so that when his sister comes home with  a bag of valentines, he will also have one!


  1. What a great Valentine card! My friend at is a great fan of superman, so I think such a card would be a great greeting for him)

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