Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily December- week 2

I love it when I get into my crafting groove. I love sitting down at our dining room table covering the entire surface with all of my craft supplies- making us eat supper on our laps sometimes! This is what my table looked like last week when I was working on my daily December album. Week 2 is ready to go now!

I'm using the card sleeve to seperate days 8 & 9.
day 10
Day 11. I'm waiting to add all of my embellishments when I actually do my pages. I'm going to keep it simple- tape ribbon, stickers and a little journaling.
Day 12- this might be my favorite! There's an overlay on the silver page that says live, laugh, love. A great mantra for any month, but especially December.
Day 13.
Day 14. Half way there!


  1. Hey Lila! I think I have some good news for you :) Could you email me?

    Missy @ So You Think You're Crafty
    soyouthinkyourecrafty at gmail dot com


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