Monday, November 29, 2010

origami crane mobile

 Not long after my son, Simon, was born I came across this post on Ohdeedoh and I knew that I wanted to make an origami crane mobile for Simon's room. I went to Michaels and picked up a pack of origami paper and went to work folding the cranes. Here's a tutorial, I think that it's the one that I used. I couldn't choose just one colour family to stick with, so I used them all. Once the cranes were all made, I threaded them on a piece of fishing line, tying a knot after each crane to keep them in place. 

Then, I headed to the Home Depot to get a piece of dowel to use as a mobile frame. I asked them to cut the dowel into 12 inch pieces. I probably could have made one a little bit bigger, but I wanted to keep the birds in a bit of a cluster. I used an acrylic white paint to paint the dowels. Then, I just made a cross with the sticks and secured them like that by wrapping the fishing line around them in a X shape. I tied on the strings of cranes to the mobile frame. The mobile is suspended from a hook in the ceiling. 

I'm so pleased with how the mobile turned out. I love all the colours. I think that it looks great hanging up in Simon's room- the only problem is that now Claire wants one for her room.
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  1. This is so pretty! I absolutely love it!

  2. What a beautiful mobile! There is something so peaceful about folding origami once you get the hang of it. I made a bird mobile awhile back that you might consider adapting for Claire if you like to sew...

    It's here:

    My friend made an origami star mobile that I thought was neat as well:

    Regardless, your mobile and your photos are beautiful! Cheers!

  3. That is so cute! I love the colours!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! You did an AMAZING job.


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