Monday, February 7, 2011

snow castle flags

We have had SO much snow lately that I've been trying to think of things that Claire and I can do outside. When I went to Dollarama the other day they were starting to put all of their summer toys out (a tad early if you ask me!) All summer long Claire loved playing in her sandbox building sand castles, so I picked up a couple of new sand castle buckets so that we could make some snow castles. Of course, a snow castle wouldn't be complete without some flags on top of the castles.
 They were so easy to make too. I had everything that I needed to make them already at home.

masking tape (electrical tape comes in lots of colours of you don't have coloured masking tape)
lollipop sticks
Just wrap the tape around the stick and then cut a dart out of the tape.
 Then, head outside and build a little snow city. We'll probably have to start all over tomorrow, since we're supposed to get another 15 cm of snow tomorrow!

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  1. Sarah ArenburgFebruary 08, 2011

    God bless the dollar store for thinking ahead with their summer supplies! Great little snow village you've got going on there! The flags are very trendy!

  2. Very cute flags, it really helps finish off castles.

  3. My kiddos would love this!

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy


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