Thursday, August 25, 2011

footprint seagull

Once again, this craft was inspired by something that I came across on Pinterest. Seriously, what did I do before Pinterest?? Anyway, I saw this pin:

Seagull by Wayne Pate
and I thought to myself, Self, that would make an adorable footprint craft. So, I got everything that I needed to get started, and asked Claire to come join Simon and I so that we could paint her foot. She said NO. Since Simon's only words are "what's that" I decided that he was game, and I painted his foot white :)

While you have the white paint out, paint on a little beak. Also, it's important that you stamp the foot so that it's a bit angled on the paper- otherwise it might not look like a bird. Then follow the directions below...
 (Not hard to tell I was in a rush with these photos- is it??)

And then you have a footprint seagull. I'll be back soon to share a craft that Claire and I did using leaves that we collected from outside. As usual, if you make this leave a comment and leave the link. If you don't make it leave me a comment anyway because I love comments.


  1. Aw this is cute! I did this at the day care I worked at but made the foot print into a reindeer. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love your site. I accidently came across it yesterday. Great ideas...thanks for sharing. I would also love it if you could invite me to others I am nervous about it's addicitve attributes! Thanks, Bev

  3. Me is my email address to invite to

    Thanks again


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