Monday, March 26, 2012

the painted iris (symmetry art)

When I came across this collage of painted irises I couldn't believe that they were painted by kindergartners. Almost immediately I set out to make this project with Claire (4 years old). 
They were so quick to make too!

Supplies needed: paint, paper, crayons, paint brush

 I poured purple paint into a container lid. Then I added a few blobs of white and blue. I found some purple paper that was the perfect colour for this project. Claire and I folded all of the paper in half. (We made a few, of course.) I drew a small C shape on half of the paper so that Claire would mostly keep the paint it there, see pic below. (I felt that she needed a bit of guidance, otherwise I'm pretty sure paint would have been everywhere.)

 She used a foam brush, dipped it in the paint, and then filled in the C shape. Then we folded over the paper and rubbed the paper to make sure all of the paint transferred.

Sadly, I didn't think to take any pics after all of our irises dried. But I gave Claire this iris and asked her to draw a long stem. Then I asked her to draw some leaves (you may have to  use your imagination here!) Then she used a yellow crayon and coloured in the middle of the flower. I just love how it turned out. It certainly adds a little something to our laundry room door, where it still hangs!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. I'm always looking for things my girls can do.


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