Monday, March 5, 2012

shamrock stamping

When I saw this toilet paper roll stamping project on Michelle's blog for Valentines day I knew that I wanted to try it with my kids. So I did. Unfortunately for me, Simon was more interested in smearing paint everywhere, immediately followed by putting his hands in his mouth. I've been a little hesitant to break out the paints again, but I was hoping that this time would be different. Lucky for me (must be that Irish luck!) it was.

I rolled out a long piece of white paper, and taped it to the floor. I squirted some green paint on some container lids (one for each of the kids) and gave them each a shamrock cookie cutter. The both did a great job stamping their shapes. After Simon had his shapes stamped he decided that it would look nicer as one big smear instead of discernible shapes.

The kids loved doing this and spent at least half an hour stamping and smearing. When involving a 1 1/2 year old in a project that involves paint, 30 minutes before nap time,  please make sure to MOVE their favorite-won't-go-to-sleep-without stuffed toys far far far away from the painting project. Otherwise, you may, or may not, end up doing a panic load of laundry, and delaying nap time for 30 minutes (or until the dryer is done.) That's just a note of caution for you, not that I actually know this from personal experience or anything :)


  1. Smears and all, this turned out really cute. Thanks for being real about your experience! My son is also 1 1/2 too- Sounds very familiar!!

  2. Glad you gave it another try. The shamrocks are super cute!


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