Friday, January 7, 2011

snowmen Christmas ornaments

 I loved my snowmen tags that I made, but I knew that they wouldn't last hanging on the tree. As soon as Claire would have seen it she would have snapped it off of the tree and folded it in half. I really wanted to have something that I hold onto for a few years so, when the Christmas decorations went on sale this Boxing day I picked up a pack of silver ornaments so that Claire could make the thumbprint snowmen on the ornaments.

Here's what you need:
ornaments (any colour, blue would be nice)
white and black paint
black and orange markers

1. press on two white thumbprints on the ornament (we let these dry before we moved onto the next step, but if you're doing these with older kids (or a child that will let you help them), it might not be necessary
2. press on a black thumbprint on top of the two white ones (let dry)
3. add any other details with permanent markers (I drew a line for the top hat, and added buttons, eyes, nose, and smiles. On the back of the ornaments I wrote Claire's name and the year.


  1. Sarah ArenburgJanuary 08, 2011

    These are great! I want one!

  2. Once again, adorable! I just adore all the crafts you do.


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