Tuesday, October 8, 2013

fall & halloween lunches

Claire just started school this year and she is loving it. She's in French immersion and it's amazing how quickly she's picking up the language. Because we live so close to the school, I get to drop her off and pick her up every day, which means I get to see my friends everyday!

Just before Claire started school, I announced on facebook how excited I was to start packing school lunches. This caused outrage, as apparently, this in not common among my friends. I don't dare announce that I still love doing it a month into it.

For the month of October, I decided to do a month of fall & halloween themed lunches. To be honest, I'm sure Claire doesn't care what the lunches look like, but it makes it more fun for me when I set challenges like this. I am using EasyLunchboxes, which I just love. Everything that I send for Claire fits in this one container. It just makes it so easy! (This is not a sponsored post. EasyLunchboxes don't know who I am, I just love their product.)

This lunch was a Wow butter sandwich (no peanut products allowed in our school), some sliced apples, pumpkin mini donuts, and an organic cereal bar for her snack. I used my Wilton leaf cookie cutter to cut the sandwich.

When I actually include an ice pack in Claire's lunch, I like to make it count. So this lunch had some star shaped, ham sandwiches, a vanilla yogurt drink, carrots and ranch dip, and some crackers.

For some reason, Claire is obsessed with these packages of applesauce. I think that she saw someone else have them at school. Probably because she can eat them so quickly and then spend the rest of her time playing. This was a sandwich cut into the shape of a pumpkin, a clementine, some chocolate goldfish crackers and an applesauce.

For this lunch I cut the sandwich into a circle. Then I used a Wilton cupcake topper for decoration on top of the sandwich. I skewered a few grapes onto the skeleton picks that I found at Target. I packed a clementine, and some oatmeal spice muffins for her snack.

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