Tuesday, October 22, 2013

halloween lunches part 3

Claire had a short school week last week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, so she only had four lunches last week. I didn't realize how similar the lunches looked until I saw them all together here! I might have to start packing her lunches the day before. It's so dark here in the mornings, it's hard to get good light to photograph them. It also speeds things along in the morning if I don't have to worry about packing her lunch as well.

See previous weeks lunches here and here. Thanks to everyone who pinned my lunches from last week. It was exciting to see them pinned so many times in just 1 week!
This was one of those mornings where I was quite rushed packing her lunch! I cut her sandwich into a circle, and cut some ghosts out of a fruit chew to decorate her sandwich. I added in some strawberries, raisins, and an applesauce.

I started by cutting Claire's sandwich into stars. I have nesting star cookie cutters, so I picked out a few sizes for the sandwich. She also had some tortilla chips and clementines. The blueberries were skewered on the skull picks that I bought from Target. I made Rice Krispie squares in a mini muffin tin to include in her lunch. I made half a batch of the Rice Krispie squares, and after I greased the pan, I shook in a few halloween coloured sprinkles. Then I smooshed in the Rice Krispie bits.

Claire really like this lunch. There was a sandwich cut in the shape of a pumpkin, with grapes and an apple on the side. I added in a granola bar (homemade) for her snack. I love all of the picks that people add to their kids lunches, but I haven't ordered any yet. I cut these ghosts out of a milk carton to add to her lunches.

Lastly, I had picked up a package of halloween rings from the dollar store. Because they're so cheap, the ring back pop off, which makes them super easy to add to lunches! They snap back on so that the kids can wear them too. I cut Claire's sandwich out in a circle and added a spider for decoration. Then she had a clementine, some strawberries, and some goldfish crackers.

All these lunches are packed in my EasyLunchboxes containers, which I just love. Everything that I send for Claire fits in this one container. It just makes it so easy! (This is not a sponsored post, I just love their product.)

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