Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween lunches part 4

 I'm almost done making Halloween lunches and it's a good thing as I'm just about out of ideas :) I can't wait to start making Christmas/winter ones!

 I'd seen this idea on Pinterest, but I have no idea who thought of it first. To make this one I had to keep the fake teeth wedged in my spice rack for a few days so that they didn't burst out of the sandwich. When I made the sandwich, I just cut a hole in the sandwich and placed the teeth in the hole. I added some grapes, strawberries and apples to Claire's lunch.

 This was my attempt at a skull sandwich. Sometimes these things turn out so much better in my head than in actual execution. I used a piece of a fruit chew for his mouth and marshmallow eyes. I skewered some grapes, added in some blueberries (and my ghost cut out of a milk carton), and a chocolate chip cookie.

 I decorated a yogurt drink again for Claire's snack. We had made pizza for supper the night before and I rolled out the extra dough, cut out some pumpkins and baked them. I included those in Claire's lunch with some shredded cheese and peperoni. She also had some clementines, grapes, and a few smarties.

I think that this lunch was Claire's favorite one. I included a gingerbread waffle and a little bit of syrup for her to dip them in. I skewered a few grapes, and added in a few blueberries and strawberries.

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  1. Cute! Love the vampire teeth...lol, my son would love that :)


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