Monday, May 21, 2012

I Dig Being 2

Simon's two now, and I just love this age. He is so adorable (says his unbiased mother) and learning so many new things everyday. One of Simon's favorite things is watching big construction trucks. He's always mesmerized by them. So, I settled on a construction party for Simon, and our theme was, I dig being 2.

I made the banner by using a few sheets of 12x12 paper. I cut the paper in half (6x12) and then cut it into thirds. I used my cricut to cut out the happy birthday letters.

The cake was my favorite part! Seriously, this was the easiest cake to make too. I used Martha Stewart's chocolate cake recipe, and my own butter frosting recipe. I frosted the bottom layer of the cake. Then, I used a fork to start digging away to make the hole in the top layer. I put all of the extra cake bits in a bowl. Then, I just put the cake together and finished frosting the whole cake. I frosted the cake the night before the party, and waited until the morning of the party to put it all together. I placed the backhoe on the cake, and 2 of the pylon candles. I made a few signs for the cake. It's hard to read them in the picture, but one says I DIG BEING 2, and the other one says YIELD FOR CAKE. I crumbled the cake that I had set aside. I mixed in a little frosting with it so that I would be able make a little mound of dirt. I put the dirt mound on the back of the cake and covered it with a few more cake crumbs. That's it. 15 minutes from start to finish.

 It was an afternoon party, so I didn't go crazy on the food table. There were grapes and apple carrot muffins. I had water, juice, and a punch for the party goers to drink. 

I've seen construction parties where people load up their dump trucks with brownies to look like dirt. I loved that idea, but since my party was for two year olds, I decided to make muffins instead. I used my sister's cake pop make to make apple carrot muffins in balls so that they would look like boulders.

 I made a little label for the water, using a free clip art graphic.

 This is the aforementioned punch I made for everyone to drink. (Recipe to follow in another post.)

 Using my cricut I cut out the letters to make these signs on 12x12 paper. (If you don't have a cricut or similar machine, check out your local scrapbooking store. Most of these stores will offer their tools for their customers to use. Or you could just pick up a few packs of stickers.)

 Derek, my husband, made this car track on the floor for the kids to play with. He used masking tape to create all of the pathways. 

 One of the best party activities was this giant colouring sheet that I made. I used a sheet of bristol board, and traced some shapes that I printed from my cricut. (I'm terrible at drawing, so I'm many of you could do this freehand!) The kids loved colouring it. All of them sat down to help. I hung the picture on the wall before the kids sat down to eat their cake.

 There wasn't a lot of noise while the kids were eating their cake!

 I was trying to get a picture of Super Simon holding the fun balloons, but he was not interested in a photo shoot.

Simon had a great time. Simon was a little overwhelmed by all of the kids at Claire's party, so this was the perfect size party for him. And just like that, my party planning is over for another year, unless I plan a summer ice cream party...

 What about you? Do you love planning parties? Leave me your links in the comments, I'd love to check them out!


  1. What a fun birthday party! I'm sure your little man and all his guests enjoyed it immensely.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! Your blog is fantastic, too, and full of great ideas we'll be using in some of our preschool adventures.

  2. So cute! I grew up in the town where Tonka trucks were created. :-) I love your signs and the super cute cake. Where did you find pylon candles!? Love it!

  3. great idea! bet my two dudes would love a construction party!!! where did you find the pylon candles? oh, stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and it was your tablecloth that brought me here... i have the same! i'm always looking for fellow canadian mama bloggers!

  4. That's such a cute idea about using tape to make a race track. I saw this picture around the internet where someone made a t-shirt for dad with a race track and pictures on the back, so the dad lies on his stomach and the kids race cars over his back. Fun activity and mini massage for daddy. LOL

    Love the cake. The dirt pile is a cute idea.


  5. I love the ideas you shared for your sons birthday party. Creating a track on the floor and a giant coloring page seem like perfect activities for little ones- such great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, my mind is already racing about the things I can do for my sons first birthday!

  6. That cake is adorable! My middle son is turning four next month and we'll be on a cruise during his birthday but I could totally bring a digger and transform the ship cake into that! Thanks for sharing!!

    Here from TT&J


  7. Thanks everyone for you nice comments!

    I picked the candles up at a party store here in Halifax called Partys R Us. They're made by a company called Paper Art.

  8. So cute! I just decided on the same theme for my sons bday in August and he is turning 3 :)

  9. Such a cute party! I love all the details. The cake really is adorable!

  10. AnonymousMay 29, 2012

    That's an awesome (and awesomely simple) cake! I wish I'd had it for my 2nd birthday... :) Anyway, I thought you might enjoy some of my wife's edible creations. You can see quite a few of them here:

  11. This is such a great idea. I've been searching deep for an idea for my son's 2nd birthday. Thanks for some good inspiration!

  12. I'm going to do in a couple years for my husband's 40th! He works construction for the DOT. It's perfect! Thank you.


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