Friday, May 25, 2012

perfect summer punch

I first had this punch at my bridal shower which was *ahem* 7 years ago now. My best friend hosted the shower, and her Mom made this punch. When I knew that I wanted to serve punch at Simon's party, I knew that this was the one that I wanted to serve. I emailed Dora, and she sent along the recipe to me. Because we were having such a small party, I halved the recipe, which was more than enough. This is the original recipe, so it would be perfect if you're having a large barbecue this summer.

2 cans frozen pink lemonade
2 cans water
2 cans frozen orange juice
2 cans water
1 can Dole unsweetened pineapple juice
2 L Sussex Golden ginger ale

Mix all together and serve. Garnish with orange slices.  


  1. sounds yummy! looking forward to trying it out, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Sounds so tasty! I love fun pinch recipes. :) Visiting from TT&J!

  3. Ooh how yummy! I'm totally craving punch right now. I just made some a couple weeks ago for a party, and it went over way better than I thought it would. Gotta make sure I have more than enough to go around next time.


  4. Sounds good. Love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie @

  5. What a wonderful punch recipe! So easy and I bet it's delicious. I'd love it if you would consider sharing it with our Summer Recipes linky party. We're two blogs sharing one combined linky party for double exposure.



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