Monday, May 28, 2012

sailboat sandwich

My kids loved this lunch. I think the sea and the sun were their favorite parts. (My kids loved shredded cheese.) It was an easy sandwich to make if you're making sandwiches for two kids, or want a fun sandwich yourself. I made two (peanut butter) sandwiches. I cut the crusts off of one of them, then I cut it into triangles. I used a large circle cutter to cut out the other sandwich. 

Then have fun putting it together. I made a sea of blueberries, with a few gold fish in the sea (we didn't have any of the cheese ones.) Arrange the boat how ever you like it. I used a straw for the mast, but you could use a piece of crust if you don't have any straws. I added a few mini chocolate chips to make the little window ports on the boat. I cut out a piece of cheese using my smallest circle cutter. Then I shredded a bit of cheese to create the sun's rays.


  1. Love all the cute lunches you've been making. Your kiddos must love them!!

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