Friday, May 4, 2012

pretty flower mosaic

This was a super cute craft, that just used supplies I had on hand! (My favorite kind.) It would be a cute Mother's Day project, but since it's probably mostly Mothers who read this blog, you could pass the craft along to your Mother. I haven't met a Grandparent yet who doesn't love to receive crafty projects.

Now, I hoard have lots of scrapbooking paper, but much like Sarah, I have no time to scrapbook anymore. Clearly this was a hobby started before kids. I picked out a few pieces of patterned paper (pink, purple, yellow, and green). If you don't have patterned paper, this would work just as well with plain construction paper. You could use red and pink, purple and blue, yellow and orange to create your flowers. Claire went to town cutting the paper into small pieces. While she was doing that, I grabbed a piece of 12x12 cardstock and drew a few flowers (using a pencil, of course). Draw the flowers very lightly, because when you go over the pencil lines with a glue stick you can't erase it anymore. (Wondering how I learned that lesson? Look at the pink flower :) )

Then, using a glue stick we filled the inside of the flower with glue. Claire glued the paper in the flowers, picking out the pieces of paper that would mostly stay within the pencil lines. I did end up snipping a few pieces of paper that went way beyond the lines. Once she was done all of the flowers, I drew a few leaves for her to fill with the green paper. She drew the stems with a green marker once she was done the leaves.

Up close the flowers sort of look like a jumbled collection on paper, but further away you can see how they look like a lovely field of flowers (with the name Claire floating in the sky!) What sort of Mother's Day projects are you working on?

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